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Library of Parliament

Due to the move the Library is closed as of 1 April and will re-open in May at Aurorankatu 6. More information

This website presents the services of the library. You have access to SELMA, the library's online catalogue. The website also provides you with information on the specialist fields of the library. The Archive of Parliament is also presented.

For visiting the Library of Parliament click on the Contact information. You can also use the E-services of the library and give us feedback.
Library move announcement
Library move announcement: The Library of Parliament’s customer service in the Main Post Office Building will close on 31 March – the library will return to Aurorankatu in May
The renovation of the Library of Parliament’s building located in Aurorankatu has been brought to completion and the interim premises located in the Main Post Office building will close on 31 March 2014 at 18.00. Read more »
New titles in the Library
Welcome to the Library of Parliament at Aurorankatu 6 in May!
  • The Library of Parliament is open to the public. In addition to serving the Parliament of Finland, the library serves all who need parliamentary, legal, or social and political information.

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Library on the move!
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